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ضلعی انتظامیہ پشاور کا رنگ روڈ پر گوداموں پر چھاپہ۔

مہریں لگے پلاسٹک شاپنگ بیگ سرکاری تحویل میں لے لیے گئے۔ D2W جعلی

ڈپٹی کمشنر پشاور محمد علی اصغر کی ہدایت پر ایڈیشنل اسسٹنٹ کمشنر عنایت اللہ خان نے محکمہ ماحولیات کے اینا لسٹ ڈاکٹر خائستہ گل کے ہمراہ رنگ روڈ پر مختلف گوداموں کا معائنہ کرتے ہوئےسات گوداموں سے جعلی  مہر لگے1100 کلو پلاسٹک بیگز کو سرکاری  تحویل میں لے لیا۔اگر کسی بھی دکان، سٹوریا دیگر جگہوں پر جعلی  مہریں لگے پلاسٹک بیگزپائے گئے تو ان کے خلاف سخت کاروائی عمل میں لائی جائے گی۔ ڈپٹی کمشنر پشاور محمد علی اصغر

Health Care Sector produces infectious waste which poses serious threats to environment and human life.  Previously 384 numbers of hospitals visited across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 384 numbers of hearing notices were issued by this Agency. Followed by 329 numbers of Environmental Protection Orders where 237 numbers of hospitals were prosecuted in Environmental Protection Tribunal (EPT).

In compliance of the PHC directives the Environmental Protection Agency along with the district administration visited different hospitals located in PAF canal road and Hayatabad Peshawar, and sealed their Administration/Offices. They were warned to comply with the directives of Environmental Protection Agency and “Hospital Waste Management Rule 2005”. They were further directed to install the incinerator or sign an MoU with the hospital having proper functional incineration facility or any other treatment facility so as to treat the infectious waste accordingly. In this regard the Administration/ Offices of the following hospitals were sealed:

S.No. Name of Hospital Action Taken
1 Doctor Diagnostic Hospital Admin office Sealed
2 Ilyas General Hospital Admin Office Sealed
3 Badar Hospital Admin Office Sealed
4 Women Hospital Admin Office sealed
5 North West General Hospital II Warned to adopt proper waste disposal procedure
6 Shahab Orthopedic Hospital HR Office Sealed
7 Zia Medical complex Finance Office Sealed
8 Medicare Hospital Supervisor Office Sealed
9 Sahibzada Medical Center OT Sealed
10 North West General Hospital CEO Office Sealed
11 Naseer Teaching Hospital CEO Office Sealed
12 Rahman Medical Institute Chairman Office Sealed
13 Town Teaching Hospital Main Entrance Sealed
14 Peshawar Institute of Medical Science Director Admin Office Sealed
15 Sardar Begum Dental College Warned to adopt proper waste disposal procedure


They are further warned, if these hospitals were failed to comply directives of the Environmental Protection Agency, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa then the hospital will be sealed.